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The Tree Of Life – A comprehensive map of human psyche

The tree of life is a fundamental archetype in many mythological, religious and philosophical traditions of the world. It is closely related to the concept of the sacred tree.

Two famous French psychoanalysts (Aruna and Jean-Pierre Le Gouguec) have used this representation of the Tree of Life to draw a detailed and comprehensive map of human psyche.

The Tree Of Life – The Map of our Mind

The Tree Of Life – The Map Of Our Mind

Malkuth, sphere number 10, represents the relationship with our body, our food and our work. It is actually everything that has to do with material reality for us, but not only.

Yesod, sphere number 9, represents the vital functions, the affective faculties, and the cognitive faculties of memory and imagination.

Hod, sphere number 8, is the sphere of communication and self-expression (written or oral). It is also the sphere of mental discourse (the “Inner” language) and the sphere of relational karma.

Netzah, sphere number 7, is the sphere of our appetites (sphere of desire). There is two types of appetites, innate appetites (Eating…) and acquired appetites (Reading,…).

Thipheret, sphere number 6, is the sphere representing consciousness. Consciousness is central and integral to the human soul. It is the faculty through which the soul knows the world.

Geburah, sphere number 5, is the sphere representing willpower. The will can be defined as appetite, a force in the subject that drives it to action.

Hesed, sphere number 4, is the sphere that represents the ability to judge and think. Hesed is also the sphere of all our assertions and beliefs, our value judgments and all our prejudices.

Binah, sphere number 3, is the sphere that represents the principle of distinction, as “I am”, unique and different from all others.

Hochmah, sphere number 2, it is the sphere which represents what makes me similar to all beings. Hochmah also represents the principle of perfection (strictness).

Kether, sphere number 1, is the sphere which represents the highest and the foundation of the human being.

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