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Malkuth – Take care of your body and physical health

Malkuth, the tenth sphere, symbolizes our connection with the physical world, encompassing our body, food, and work. It encompasses everything related to our material reality and extends beyond that. It includes our interactions with other humans, animals, and plants. Malkuth is where our physical karma and the physical karma of others manifest.

Our relationship with our body holds great significance. It requires internal care through proper nutrition and physical activity, as well as external care through grooming and protecting our skin from the elements. It encompasses both aesthetics and health. By maintaining and nurturing our bodies, we ensure their well-being in the present and the future. Neglecting oral hygiene, for example, may not only affect our social interactions but also lead to dental problems down the line.

Our relationship with food can have detrimental consequences, both aesthetically and in terms of health. The impact of our food choices, such as a diet high in fat and poorly adapted to our physical activity, has been evident for decades. The consumption of processed foods and ready meals also significantly affects our short-term and long-term health.

Our relationship with substances like alcohol, our handling of money, and engagement in games of chance can also lead to unfortunate outcomes.

The relationship we have with our work can present challenges. Neglecting our professional responsibilities leads to consequences, while burning ourselves out in our jobs can have serious physical and psychological repercussions. Furthermore, we are also subject to the collective karma of our colleagues, managers, and decision-makers in the workplace.

Lastly, our connection with the living world as a whole is essential. We find ourselves on a path of endangering the rich biodiversity of our planet. Ecological disasters are numerous and impact us directly.

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