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Hod – Develop communication skills and self-expression

Hod, the eighth sphere, represents communication and self-expression, both in written and oral forms. It is also associated with mental discourse, the internalized language we use within ourselves. Hod is the sphere where relational karma is formed, shaping the positive and negative expressions of our words in this life. It holds the power to create spiritual connections.

When words leave the conscious realm, they undergo a transformation, losing their verbal form. However, the various spiritual, mental, and emotional energies that constitute them do not disappear. Instead, they diffuse into the unconscious and modify the various subconscious structures of the soul, including neurobiological, affective, and subconscious cognitive aspects.

If the mental and emotional content of our speech is positive, promoting unity and personal growth (enhanced vitality, increased self-esteem, goodwill, and better understanding), then internalized words strengthen the expansion of consciousness and contribute to personal fulfillment.

Conversely, if the mental and emotional content of our speech is negative, causing disunity and degeneration, it tends to weaken our consciousness and lead to psychological suffering. Persistent dominance of negative content in our inner discourse can manifest as various depressive symptoms, such as loss of energy, motivation, appetite, as well as behavioral and judgmental disorders.

In turn, these symptoms often indicate the presence of repetitive and suppressed destructive self-talk.

This is why the treatment of depressive disorders often involves “putting back into words” what has been previously repressed, forming the basis of verbal therapies. By expressing and addressing these inner dialogues, we can alleviate depressive symptoms and promote healing and growth.

Find out your level of communication and self-expression – Hod

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