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Netzah – Get to know your desires

Desire is a drive from the subject -> …towards an object -> …For a purpose

Netzah, the seventh sphere, represents our appetites and desires. Within this sphere, we can distinguish between innate appetites, such as the desire for food and drink, and acquired appetites, which are shaped by culture, family, and other influences, such as the desire for reading, dancing, or watching TV. Acquired appetites are not inherently bad; however, it is important to differentiate between true and false desires. False desires can lead to negative inner feelings and deviant behavior, while true desires contribute to personal growth and the pursuit of perfection.

Our appetitive faculties originate from within us and extend outward, influenced by our value judgments. Desires are impulses that arise from a subject and are directed towards an object in pursuit of an end. Pleasure is intimately connected to love, which itself has a divine quality. Therefore, all desires can be understood as forms of love.

Human desire is the driving force that compels us to open ourselves to others. However, this openness necessitates a reciprocal interdependence of beings. It is important to recognize that desires are not inherently evil but rather positive manifestations. The ultimate purpose of desire is to prompt action towards personal perfection, although not exclusively. Desire is also a creative impulse, divinely inspired, that propels individuals towards their own perfection. This inherent impulse is innate to us. Therefore, desires themselves are not negative, but it is the management and direction of these desires by the human soul that can determine their positive or negative effects. It is crucial to examine the underlying motivations and value judgments that guide our desires, as they shape our appetites.

Desires exist in an order and hierarchy. They need to be aligned and ordered according to the moral values that are specific to each individual. Failure to properly order these desires can lead to psychological suffering and inner turmoil. By understanding and aligning our desires with our personal values, we can find harmony and fulfillment in our appetitive nature.

Find out your level of appetites and desires – Netzah

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