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Geburah – The sphere to empower your life

eburah, the fifth sphere, represents willpower. Will can be understood as an appetite or a force within an individual that drives them to act. There are two types of appetites: sensory appetites, which reside in Netzah and have material objects, and spiritual appetites, which belong to Geburah and have spiritual objects. Freedom is the characteristic attribute of Geburah. It is within Geburah that individuals have the freedom to choose their own destiny. This freedom is genuine and complete, and it is known as free will. Geburah is the sphere of moral responsibility for one’s actions and duties. It is also the sphere where Karma is generated.

Our choices can be represented through the following path:

Value judgment (the ability to judge) -> Thinking (the cognitive ability) -> Will.

Will is not a cognitive faculty on its own. The orientation of the will is influenced by judgment, and it is inseparable from the cognitive faculty of judgment (Hesed).

The direction, whether good or bad, of the will (Geburah) is thus determined by the judgments (true or false) that the intelligence produces regarding reality (in Hesed).

The greatest individuals in this world possess highly developed willpower. The primary distinction that sets them apart lies in their value judgments. For example, the difference between figures like Hitler and Gandhi can be attributed to their contrasting value judgments.

Find out your level of willpower – Geburah

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