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Become a Transpersonal Practitioner

“Ignite the path: Guide others with your light”

How long does the course last?

The training program spans over a period of three years, with one year for each level. Participants can expect a gradual progression in knowledge, skills, and personal growth throughout the duration of the program.

What are the objectives?

  1. Provide a comprehensive understanding of transpersonal coaching principles and techniques.
  2. Foster personal growth and self-awareness in participants.
  3. Equip participants with the knowledge and skills to support others on their transpersonal journeys.
  4. Develop proficiency in facilitating active imagination exercises and art-therapy sessions.
  5. Cultivate a deep understanding of transpersonal philosophy and its practical applications.
  6. Enhance communication and listening skills for effective coaching sessions.
  7. Explore the integration of spirituality and mindfulness in coaching practices.
  8. Promote ethical conduct and professional standards in transpersonal coaching.
  9. Facilitate personal transformation and empowerment in participants.
  10. Prepare participants for professional practice as transpersonal practitioners.

What is the structure?

Level 1

Associate Transpersonal Practitioner (Year 1)

  • Eight sessions held on weekends, each lasting a full day.
  • Morning sessions focus on general discussion, exploring transpersonal philosophy and theories, and engaging in active imagination exercises.
  • Afternoon sessions involve art-therapy sessions, providing opportunities for self-expression and exploration

Level 2

Master Transpersonal Practitioner (Year 2)

  • Follows the same structure as Level 1, with an additional components.
  • Afternoon sessions include reflective exercises and questionnaires to deepen self-awareness and enhance personal growth, as well as Art-therapy sessions

Level 3

Professional Transpersonal Practitioner (Year 3)

  • Follows the same structure as Level 2 in the morning
  • Afternoon sessions include Mandala sessions. Mandala are introduced to encourage creative expression and symbolic exploration.

Note: Each level comprises eight sessions held on weekends, with a focus on different aspects of transpersonal coaching. The structure ensures a gradual and comprehensive learning experience, providing participants with the necessary knowledge, skills, and practical tools to become proficient transpersonal practitioners.

Where is the course held?

The training program is conducted online, using virtual platforms and resources. Participants can access the training sessions from the comfort of their own location, eliminating the need for physical attendance at a specific venue. The program is designed to be interactive and engaging, leveraging online communication tools to facilitate learning and participation.

How to apply?

The acceptance of applications is done through a selection process, subject to approval. Contact me for more information

What is the price

The price for the training program is set at $1000 per person, per year. I offer discounts for multiple participants. If you have more than one person interested in joining the program, please reach out to meto discuss the available discounts and pricing options. I am committed to making the training accessible and affordable for everyone.

Space per month are limited

What is transpersonal Coaching?

Transpersonal coaching is a new form of coaching that aligns with the principles of Transpersonal Psychology. This approach builds upon earlier cognitive-behavioral and humanistic approaches, taking a more holistic view. It emphasizes the exploration of transformation and recognizes the transcendent, spiritual aspects of human experience that go beyond the ego.

The transpersonal approach is working on all three levels of the human being: the body, the mind, and the soul. In my sessions, I integrate various practices to support personal transformation, including Active Imagination, Meditation, Dream Analysis, Art-Therapy, Mandala, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and more.

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