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Transpersonal Coaching

“Finally I can take decision in my life”

Stephanie from France

“Speaking in public is easy now, I found how to face others”

Richard from UK

Transpersonal Coaching session

Tailored sessions focused on any topic of your interest or personal development that you wish to explore.

Become a Transpersonal Practitioner

Journey to Transpersonal Practitioner through 3 Levels

Self-awareness and Healing program

Choose between the 8 modules available: Body, Subconscious & Emotions, Communication, Desires

Find your life’s purpose

Find your life’s purpose by developing the 10 spheres of the tree of life.

Let this ancient symbol help you identify, connect and create paths of transformation.

Develop your life’s potential

The Tree of Life is a tool for transformation. Use it to tap into your inner potential and explore how you can bring it to life.

The tree of life is a fundamental archetype in many mythological, religious and philosophical traditions of the world. Two famous French psychoanalysts (Aruna and Jean-Pierre Le Gouguec) have used this representation of the Tree of Life to draw a detailed and comprehensive map of human psychology (The Map of Our Mind).

Understanding your mind

The Tree of Life itself is made up of 10 spheres called sephiroth. The study of this tree consists of studying each sephiroth that represents each part of our being (microcosmic reading). For example, the lower part of the tree corresponds to the most material human realities, the visible aspects of the human being, our body, our personality…

Hi, I’m Laurent!

Human development is a transformation that lies in the unity of our body, heart, mind, and spirit (holistic). I believe that the world needs our artistic and creative spirit and the sensitive aspects of our being to come alive and shine – especially now more than ever!

I am Laurent, born in France and living in China since 2007.

My passion for technology (and creation) has led me to lead and manage several high-tech companies in China. I earned my degrees and diplomas and served as technical director, general manager and managing director for many years.

A few years back, I started hearing this little voice inside me that was craving something different in life. Throughout my career, I had the opportunity to meet incredible individuals from diverse backgrounds, countries, and with unique perspectives. Their influence had a profound impact on me, prompting me to take on a personal development journey of my own. Today, I’m proud to say that I’m a certified Integral Coach and Transpersonal Coach, dedicated to helping others in their growth and development.

If you are interested in Integral Coaching® please visit my website here: Integral Coaching

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