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How Transpersonal Coaching Empowers People

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Many people will thank the therapist for the work they have done together and move on with their lives. But there will be others who want to do more than just “move on” They want to move forward. Coaching is exactly the right solution for these people. Coaching is ideal for people who want to apply the skills they learned in therapy to live their lives to the fullest. Now they can make and implement plans that are in alignment with their needs, values and desires.

Coaching is also interesting for people who may have done therapy elsewhere or who don’t have many reasons to deal with the past. They may need new perspectives on old problems to help them overcome the hurdles that stand between them and their ultimate success. That’s what coaching can do for them.

Transpersonal Coaching Fosters Complete Adult Development 

People who experience transpersonal coaching achieve success in the material sense as well as psychologically, but there’s so much more. Transpersonal coaching stretches the individual to continue developing so that they operate in concert with the very highest levels of Self. Based on the principles of transpersonal school of psychology, this type of coaching is:

  • Humanistic. People want to grow and find ways to become who they really are through the process of self-realization. This enables people to realize their inherent potential for growth at all levels.
  • Developmental. Transpersonal coaching gives goal-oriented people the incentive to develop and use their past experiences to solve problems and find new ways to succeed.
  • Systemic. Rather than focusing on one aspect of a person’s life, such as job performance or satisfaction through relationships, transpersonal coaching looks at the whole person. People recognize patterns and feedback they receive for their actions and see themselves in new and different ways.
  • non-directive. While the transpersonal coach guides the person through the growth process, the person does the work. The coach has the right questions, while the people give the right answers.
  • Therapeutic. Transpersonal coaching stimulates inner change and encompasses emotional, psychological, and developmental growth rather than stopping at changes at the level of cognitive behaviors or decision making. The focus is on personal growth and performance improvement.

Do you want to empower your life? Do you want to grow spiritually?

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