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How judgments emerge in our mind

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🌟Doesn’t matter how many books you read,
🌟Doesn’t matter how may podcast you listen,
🌟Doesn’t matter how much you’ve been taught,
🌟Doesn’t matter how hard people push you,

🚀 If you haven’t decided to change on your own, nothing will change.

Here below why 👇

Making changes in life doesn’t solely rely on your willpower. Even individuals with strong determination may find themselves accomplishing nothing if they lack a genuine commitment. To grasp this concept, it’s important to comprehend the process of decision-making and how decisions translate into actions.

All these processes occur within the higher faculties of our brain, which involve our abilities to make judgments, engage in critical thinking, and exercise our willpower. These faculties play a significant role in our decision-making.

The process involves a dialogue between those 3 faculties. It is worth noting that this dialogue flows more smoothly if you are already engaging yourself in inner dialogue.

🌟The process is as follow:

1- A question emerges in your mind (Should I do this… or should I not do this…?).

2- The process of Inner dialog between the faculty of judging and the faculty of thinking start. Here the process consists of judging and thinking before giving an answer. The impact of your level of cognitive development (faculty of thinking) and the level of faculty of judging is very important. The more these faculties are developed, the better the response or outcome will be for you. Moreover, since prejudices are intertwined with the faculty of judging, it is crucial to address and clarify them before making judgments. Regular inner work, can help identify our preconceived notions, allowing for fair judgments.

3- Once a judgment is made by the faculty of judging, follows the faculty of willpower. The strength of your willpower determines whether you will adhere to your judgment and take action. If your willpower is well-developed, you will stand by your decision and act. However, if your willpower is weak, you may find yourself revisiting the process of judging and thinking. It is important to note that the faculty of willpower cannot independently make judgments. Once a judgment is formed, your mind becomes attached to it.

This is how the process operates, and it is evident that decisions are made solely within oneself. External sources do not play a role in this internal process.

To take the right action it is important to:
💚Clarify your Preconceptions (though inner work).
💚Develop your cognitive faculties (follow the logic Law )
💚Develop your willpower (though inner work).

Remember, if someone promises you something for free without any effort on your part, it is likely too good to be true or you have already put in the necessary work to achieve it.

I hope this article will resonate within you and help you to make better judgements and actions.

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