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Uncontrolled speech will affect our social relationships. If we talk too much to others, it indicates that we do not control our speech. We may want the attention of others (lack of recognition) in order to be part of a social group. On the other hand, if we speak too little, it may be that we have a blockage. It can be a fear of how people see us, a lack of self-confidence. These moments can cause very strong stress or anxiety, depending on the person.

In the case of uncontrolled self-talk (rumination), this may also be associated with a lack of self-confidence and/or self-pity.

The speech can also be violent and translate our own fears and/or hide our own faults/deficiencies.

Finally, the words influence, manipulation, blackmail, harassment, domination are sometimes a reflection of our own childhood. A copy of the habits of our parents/family/childhood environment.

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