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Pathology of the sphere Hesed can be linked to:

  • Judgments that contradict true human nature (identity pathology):
    • All false judgments about ourselves or others, which are the result of a misunderstanding of human and divine nature
    • False identification and confusion of identity. Identification with our profession, our family, our children, our culture, …
    • Ignorance of our identity or rejection of it.
  • Judgments that contradict the reason:
    • Irrational, incoherent, rash judgments, …
    • Pseudo-justifications, prejudices
    • Delusional thinking associated with paranoia, schizophrenia, etc.
  • Judgments that contradict the “Natural” Truths.
    • Rejection and contempt of the “laws of life”, i.e. biological laws, rules of health, inter-dependencies of living beings (health, ecology, etc.)
    • Rejection or disregard of the “ethical and behavioral laws”, i.e. personal moral values
    • Rejection and disregard of the “laws of relationships”, including “mutual psycho-spiritual enrichment”
  • Judgments that contradict the Divine Truths:
    • All false judgments about the existence of the divine, which materialism bring up
    • All the false judgments about the divine revelations. The ignorance and rejection of the divine model (Jesus, Krishna, Buddha…)
    • All false judgments about the divine laws, i.e. the disregard and rejection of the divine creation, the dharma, the karma, the many lives…

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