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Geburah is not a cognitive faculty. It is therefore important to think carefully after making our value judgments.

Various pathologies can occur and cause mental suffering. To be in balance and to prosper, the human will must develop simultaneously according to the four so-called “cardinal virtues.” The four cardinal virtues of the will are: Fortitude, Temperance, Prudence and Justice. As soon as the will deviates from these four virtues, mental and spiritual sufferings inevitably occur ! Troubles and disturbances of the will occur when it enters into the line of the “vices” of the will, and not into that of its “virtues”.

Thus mental and moral sufferings will inevitably arise:

  • If the will is “weak” because it lacks strength, courage, boldness, endurance…
  • When the will is “immoderate”, due to lack of control over the body and sensory perceptions (… where there is a need to restrain and discipline one’s sensual desires: Food, sexuality, rhythm of life mainly)
  • When the will is “rash” because of lack of emotional control: The will is then dominated by passionate outbursts (… fear, anger, sadness, envy, jealousy, revenge, wrath, hatred…)
  • When the will is “unfair”, as soon as you do not return to everyone what you “owe” them (… Respect, support, reciprocity, mutual help, cooperation, recognition, gratitude, love, compassion…

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