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From Mind to Supermind – The Evolutionary Jump Towards Unity

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Our world today is going through a lot of suffering, like wars and conflicts. This trouble comes from two main ideas fighting each other: one is about everyone being together as one, which Sri Aurobindo include as a concept in what he calls the Supermind, and the other is about everyone being separate, which is include as a concept in what he calls the Mind. These two ideas seem very different, but we need to find a way to bring them together for a peaceful future.

Sri Aurobindo, a philosopher and spiritual guide, talked about the Supermind as a new way of thinking that goes beyond our usual thoughts. He believed it’s the next step for us, helping us get past our problems and disagreements and this concept include, opposit to separate (as the mind do). The Supermind sees everything as connected, unlike the Mind, which sees everything as separate and often causes conflicts.

Right now, with all the fighting and conflicts in the world, it looks like the Mind’s way of seeing things is winning. People and groups are fighting over their beliefs and where they come from. But Sri Aurobindo thought the Supermind could help us solve these problems. It’s about seeing how we’re all connected, not focusing on our differences.

In his book “The Life Divine,” Sri Aurobindo talks about how we can all grow together, understanding how we’re connected. This helps everyone do better together. In his poem “Savitri,” he shows how love and a deeper understanding can make the world a better place.

To resolve the fight between seeing everything as one or as separate, we need to start thinking more like the Supermind. This doesn’t mean ignoring our differences but seeing them as part of a bigger picture. Sri Aurobindo’s ideas show us a way to a world where everyone gets along better because we see how we’re all connected.

Practical Recommendations:

  1. Practice Mindfulness: Spend time each day being fully present, noticing how everything is connected.
  2. Expand Your Understanding: Endeavor to learn about diverse cultures and perspectives. This broadens our understanding of our collective human experience.
  3. Reflect on Perceptions: Contemplate instances when you perceive separation or conflict. Consider how these elements might be interconnected.
  4. Dialogue and Share: Engage in conversations about the unity of all things. Sharing insights can foster a collective shift in perspective.
  5. Embrace New Perspectives: Be open to altering your worldview. Recognizing the interconnectedness of all life is transformative and can lead to greater peace and understanding.

By following these steps and thinking more about how we’re all connected, we can start to bring the ideas of unity and multiplicity together, just like Sri Aurobindo suggested. This can help make the world a more peaceful and understanding place.

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