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Mastering the Archetype of Fire: Exploring our Energies

Introduction: This workshop wil guide you to explore and harness the transformative power of the fire archetype, mastering its creative and destructive energies, while delving into the understanding of our Energies for personal growth and balance.

Key Benefits:

  1. Self-Discovery: Gain deep insights into your inner world, uncovering aspects of yourself you may not have explored before.
  2. Transform your mental landscapes, even in challenging environments, and develop emotional resilience, particularly valuable in navigating uncertain times.
  3. Guide you in understanding the causes behind yout emotions and desires, enabling better emotional management and self-awareness
  4. Understanding Energy Utilization: Gain a profound understanding of how you utilize your energy in various aspects of life. This self-awareness helps you identify areas where you might be expending energy ineffectively or destructively.
  5. Karmic Awareness: Grasp the concept of karma, recognizing that your actions have consequences. Learn how your energy utilization can impact your life’s trajectory, leading to a heightened sense of responsibility for your choices.
  6. Emotional Mastery: Understanding the relationship between emotions and energy enables you to better manage your emotional responses. Learn to navigate challenging emotional situations with greater composure and clarity.
  7. Spiritual Connection: The exploration of the divine aspect of fire fosters a deeper connection to one’s spiritual self. You may experience a sense of transcendence and purpose, leading to a more profound spiritual journey.
  8. Enhanced Relationships: Improved emotional intelligence and energy management contribute to better relationships with others. Become more adept at empathizing with and understanding the emotions and desires of those around you.

Workshop Format: This workshop is available as a series of downloadable Audio sessions and PDF documents that you can access at your own pace and convenience.

  • 1 Active Imagination (1 Hour)
  • 1 Session Review for self-discovery (to be completed)
  • 1 Theory support document
  • 1 Guided meditation
  • 1 Art-Therapy exercise

FREE -> 30min call with the facilitator

Duration: Self-paced

Pricing: $49

Payment Options: We accept credit card payments as well as PayPal for your convenience. For any other payment option please contact me first (

Access Instructions: After purchase, you’ll receive immediate access to the workshop content. Simply download the corresponding file available

Technical Requirements: To participate, you’ll need a computer or mobile device with internet access, an audio player software and word editor (or any compatible software which can edit Word file).

Refund Policy: We offer a 2-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, contact us for a full refund.

Upcoming Dates: This workshop is available for enrollment year-round.

Contact Information: If you have questions or need support, please email us at

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