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How “witnessing consciousness” can help you cultivate positive mind and help forgive yourself.

Every evening, before going to bed, recap your day (with your WITNESSING CONSCIOUSNESS) :

  • To begin, take a moment to celebrate and express gratitude for the joyful experiences you encountered throughout the day, as well as for the tasks you completed with a positive mindset and through constructive thoughts, uplifting words, and beneficial actions. Recognizing and appreciating these aspects will serve as your positive karma for the day.
  • Then recall your possible negative reactions (uncontrolled and unloving words or behavior), and identify the disturbing emotions that caused them (fear, anger, impulsiveness, impatience, frustration, greed, envy, jealousy, pride, vanity, discouragement, cowardice, laziness, confusion, self-centeredness, etc.).
  • Recognize in these reactions, the mark of the “animal” in you (instinctive reflexes) or of the “immature or twisted child”, as well as the lack of “spiritual” consciousness, inner purity , detachment , mastery, or altruism. Do not “justify” any of your ego reactions, but do not condemn yourself either: simply see them from your MIND of TRUTH (your higher consciousness) and with your SPIRITUAL HEART (compassionate).
  • Then become aware of the judgments or negative beliefs that were in you when you reacted badly, and perceive  their toxic character (with unfortunate consequences on your mood, your body, your relationships and your karma…).
  • Agree to feel fully responsible for YOUR reactions (yes, you “reacted badly”, “spoken badly” or “badly judged”; yes, you were wrong or yes, you “hurt” …) , but make this observation WITHOUT OVERWHELMING YOURSELF (nor “identifying” yourself with these “transient” aspects of yourself), otherwise you will feel guilty or engaged in unsatisfactory compulsive behaviors, or even you will repress your “fault” in the unconscious, instead  of treating it (and it will manifest itself again, sooner or later, through your various discomforts) !
  • If necessary, consciously expel toxic energies by blowing strongly through your mouth: pff! pff! pff!…
  • Then sincerely regret having FALLED , and humbly ask FORGIVENESS “in thought” (or “concretely”, when possible) of the people in front of whom you reacted badly (in a non-loving, impulsive, automatic way , conditioned…). Also ask for forgiveness from yourself (from the Divinity that dwells in you) !
  • Then aspire with all your might to “become BETTER” (by acknowledging and honoring more of the DIVINE in you and everyone). Then pray to your SELF (your “inner Master”) to purify you, refine you, grant you more awakened consciousness, nobility and greatness of soul, generosity, discernment, moral courage, justice, patience, tolerance, compassion etc. But do not forget that, in any case, God loves you “unconditionally” and forever! and that He is not “affected” by the transient aberrations of your “little self”!
  • Then visualize the scene(s), which went “badly”, RECTIFIED : visualize yourself in the right attitude (noble, respectful, constructive and generous). Repeat the scene until you feel peaceful and reconciled within yourself.
  1. DRAW WISDOM LESSONS from your “misadventures” of the day, and integrate into your awareness, greater awareness and new patterns of behavior (more mature and more appropriate), then decide to do better next time (with the help of your INTERIOR MASTER) and to repair, as quickly as possible, what is possible!
  1. Finally, let go of the “memory” of this whole day… Place it (and yourself ) in the hands of the DIVINE UNIVERSAL MOTHER, and then fall asleep in peace of soul , (all things being back in order, all karmic accounts having been settled).
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